The first issue of Sessions is dedicated to artistic nude photography in the studio, using a technique called “chiaroscuro” that allows hiding the details of the model through the use of a very contrasting light. This is achieved by an appropriate placement of the light points in the studio. The result are images of great aesthetic value, very dramatic, that draw the forms of the model with the light of the spotlights. For this, we have counted on the collaboration of the French model Amedea Marie.

Sessions is a digital publication for learning photography, aimed at anyone who wants to understand and improve their technique. Each issue proposes a session consisting of a style and a technique. The styles define the goal (fashion, boudoir, glamour, portrait, art), while the technique defines how you get that result (chiaroscuro, high key, natural light, etc). In each issue of Sessions you will find complete examples of all these combinations, with a full session of poses, which you can use as a guide in your own work, as well as camera and lighting settings.

The magazine is available as a free PDF download here.

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