Sandra – Boudoir

There are models with a natural talent for posing. It comes to my mind the idea that a few actors that, no matter how you stop de video play, it seems that they always look fine. Sandra is one of those individuals with a charming smile and a natural talent for posing.

This series is part of a project on boudoir photography, but not “that” kind of boudoir photography, but the real boudoir. A candid look into female’s daily intimacy. When she wakes up and smiles, or hears music dancing around the house, you get a lovely glimpse of that intimacy. That’s “boudoir”.

The latitude here was a hard problem. Sun light was enetring through the windows and hitting hard everywhere, so adjusting exposure to not bloom the background and, at the same time, not loosing detail on the foreground was a difficult task.

This series will be featured in my book Contemporary Boudoir and can be purchased as a full picture set of 50 pics of 29 MP here.