Joceline – Nude portrait

Joceline is a professional model, trained in classical dance, with a beautiful figure and a great talent for posing. I met her in London in 2003 and we have done several things together, of which I have good memories and some great photos, like the ones you can see next to these lines.

This session was one of the first times I started to consolidate a lighting technique to get a very soft and pearly skin tone, without the need of digital effects or processing adjustments. It’s all about using wide light boxes and certain exposure settings.

The result, as you can see, is that the model “shines”. Incredible as it may seem, these photos are unedited and you see them as they came out of the camera. This lighting technique is explained in a general way in my book Warm Nudes, Vol.1 and I plan to make a more detailed book, with step-by-step explanations of how it is achieved.

This series is also featured in my book Warm Nudes, Vol.1 and can be purchased as a full picture set of 50 pics of 8 MP here.