Glitter Stickers

Oh my… oh my… Well, crazy ideas came in all shapes, formats and ocasions and this one was a really crazy idea. Out of nowhere, a set of glitter stickers appeared and Jessica and I discussed how they could be used to achieve a nice effect.

As you cas see, Jessica is a superb fitness model, with an incredible body and she doesn’t need much of a help to look stunning. But OK, OK… let’s give it a try, as some kind of body-pain… no, body-mak… no. Well, whatever we could define it.

This is one of the very few sets in which I have really pushed the processing software to solve a few problems. The most important of them was the bad light we used, barely the fluorescent tubes in the ceiling. How to achieve a white, uniforme light with that? Well, you can’t.

Thanks, Jessica đŸ™‚