Elena – Chiaroscuro

The extreme contrast between lights and shadows, shaping the body with the effect of light, is a technique called “chiaroscuro”, widely used in art photography, because it leaves the foreground in semi-darkness, so that only the overall shape of the model is seen and not the details.

In this session I have used this technique, but avoiding a very common mistake, to leave the foreground completely black. This is a consequence of the fact that, having not done well the studio work, the photographer tries to achieve the same effect by forcing an increase in contrast to the limit when processuing the files, which destroys all the shades in the shadows and reduces the chromatic richness of the image.

On the contrary, if the measurements are done well with the photometer, the result is the one you can see in this examples: a well shaped and defined figure, a great image sharpness and a great range of shades in the shadows.

This series of photographs is featured in my book Warm Nudes, Vol.1 and can be purchased as a full picture set of 50 pics of 8 MP here.