Blanca – Naavi

Based on my works with real-fur make-up for big cats designs, I started to look for fantasy characters that could be painted with the same technique. Not a lot of female “animal” characters has been created in cinema or comic books, and the search was hard.

However, James Cameron’s Avatar Naavis was a superb choice. This race of hominid aliens is like a blue tiger with a tweist of some white spots along the body. Soy I got the airbrush, the paint and started to give it a try.

The result was promising. My technique aplies so small amount of paint that you can look closely and still see the pores and details of the skin. And the overall feeling is that the girl is not naked, but that is her real skin. So I’m satisfied.

This design will be featured in my book Fantasy Bodypainting.

Made enterely with Kryolan products.