A note on different editions

Almost any book I publish is available in four editions: digital, economy, premium and deluxe. The differences in price, quality and availability between them are important, so I have considered it equally important to explain clearly what those differences are to avoid disappointment and to allow you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Digital Edition

This edition is the most affordable of all and the one you can buy the fastest. It is a fixed layout e-book edition, an exact replica of the content of the printed books. This makes ebooks with a lot of pictures easier to read,  or those where the placement of certain auxiliary elements, such as arrows, supporting comments or notes, is important. The files are usually large, between 60 and 80 MB, due to the high quality of the photos.

This format is only available on Amazon and is an ideal option if you want the book to be delivered fast and have a tablet with the Kindle application.

Economy Edition

This edition has an intermediate price, not as cheap as the digital one nor as expensive as the premium one. It is a matte paper edition, with a quality similar to a very high quality laser printer, without banding or marks of any kind. The images have the same quality and size as the premium edition, but the paper is matte, not glossy, and the color quality is much lower, similar to a magazine. This is not a defect of the book, but the counterpart of a simpler printing process.

Almost all my books have an educational component and half are clearly photography teaching books, where the images are a support to the text. That’s why I wanted to offer you the possibility of having a less expensive edition.

This format is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble and is the perfect option if you want to have real books, but at an affordable price.

Premium Edition

This edition has a higher price than the previous ones, but it is the one that provides better quality of the photographs. The binding is perfect bound paperback, the same as the economy edition, but with a gloss finish and better colour reproduction, so they are similar to the photographs that any digital image development service can provide you with.

This format is available through Blurb and is the right choice if you want to have the best image quality in photo books.

Deluxe Edition

This edition is what you normally associate with the quality of an art book. It is a hardcover bound edition, with high weight paper and a high quality printing process, which reproduces every detail of the images. Since many of my photos are over 30 megapixels, the sharpness and tonal richness of this edition is similar to a classic offset printed book. The downside is that it is the most expensive edition of all, often tripling the price of the premium edition.

This format is available through Blurb and is the optimal choice if you are an art book collector and want to preserve the items in your library through the years protected by a hardcover binding.